About UST Teleradiology

Based in Atlanta , Georgia , USTeleradiology is a stable, radiology owned and operated practice currently servicing over 50 client sites. Our physician team is entirely made up of American Board Certified and Fellowship Trained radiologists. Our Teleradiology Center is equipped with the best networking capabilities in the Southeast.

While our available technologies include Neurostar Solutions HIPAA compliant, web-based teleradiology system, and our Teleradiology Center is supported by 24-hour generators with high capacity T1, DSL, cable modem, and redundant digital and analog phone lines, our main emphasis lies in our unique approach to client service and technical superiority.

Our entire staff is comprised of American Fellowship Trained, Board Certified Radiologists, and our doctors have trained at and assisted the following facilities:

New York University School of Medicine

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

University Of California Medical Center

Harvard Medical School

Brigham and Women's Hospital

St. Vincent 's Hospital and Medical Center

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Johns Hopkins Hospital

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Roanoke Memorial Hospital

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